Little Dolphin & Homer from Nova Scotia say:

My husband is a trucker and he always takes his laptop with him, so even though he was stormbound in michigan today, 2000 miles from home, we actually just spent the day together... via online kings cribbage !!! It's just another way to bring us together when he's out on the road and away from home. we love the fact that we can also send text while playing the game, even just to say i miss you or i love you. We even had a little tournament between just the 2 of us, thanks to the private game option. Little dolphin won, of course. Keep up the fantastic work, damien. many thanks from little dolphin and homer !!!

Angie E. from Corpus Christi, Texas says:

Our family always plays games when together, have since we were kids. Unfortunately, we are spread out all over Texas now and do not get together as often as we would like. Kings Cribbage online provides a wonderful time for reunion, laughs, memories of playing cribbage and scrabble at 5:00 a.m. with my Mom before school, and an opportunity to meet the wonderful people that comprise the Kings Cribbage online community. Anytime I can find a few extra minutes in my day, I get online and play a game or two. My motto is, "who needs to eat when you can spend your lunch hour playing Kings Cribbage?" Damien works so hard to keep the game fresh and is constantly updating to make it more exciting. We are always looking for new people to share this wonderful experience with, so join us...you will be hooked.

Perceptive1 says:

Kings cribbage is an awesome game, the first time i played it was when I joined this site. I used to play "cribbage" (cards) all the time with family and friends, and have always played scrabble, this mix (cards and "scabble" mix) is ingenious. Hat's off to Damien for making it an online version (and free to boot). I learned of this site from my mom, who plays kingscribbage with my aunt "sally" (kc nickname). I've since got a buddy of mine to join "scooter" (kc nickname) and we play almost every night at least a couple games. We're hooked, its a great community of players, family and friends......... so JOIN UP!

Phildog716 says:

I'd been playing the board game for months and was hoping to find an online version. I was thrilled when a friend told me of this great site. It's not just the strategy and fun of the game that grabs you, it's the players and the community that is Kings Cribbage. I strongly urge any game player to visit us, you may never go back to what you were playing.

Jane C from Alberta, Canada says:

For those who never played Kings Cribbage, or for those that have, you will be hooked on "Kings Cribbage Online". It is the greatest game I ever played "on line". It has "tutorials" and a "practice screen" and keeps track of your statistics, it has Automatic Score Keeping with a Notepad to see your scoring process, you can chat on line with your opposition or others, every game is a different game. You can see your statistics and even your opposition's, some have come a long way and well for me, I have a journey ahead, but, I am totally looking forward to it! There are new revisions on a regular basis...you have to see it to believe it!!!

Chip from Rochester, NY says:

I have been playing Kings Cribbage online for about 4 months now. From the moment I played the board game for the first time I began searching the web for an online version. Then one day my search led me to this great site. The site is outstanding, a friendly place to enjoy a great game. The continual upgrades to the site have greatly increased the pleasure of the game and have attracted a great many skilled players. This experience is made even more enjoyable by the occassional visit of the game creator, combine this a great programmer that goes out of his way to help people get the best possible enjoyment out of the game. This is a great website with many great players that like to have fun!

Jackie & PopPop from Florida, USA say:

Just want you to know that Kings Cribbage Online is a great challenging game to keep your mind active. It is especially good when you are retired (like my husband and I) and on a limited income - it gives you something to do and look forward to each day.

The game has many great functions; it is amazing to us that someone has enough ingenuity to put a game like this together. It has brought countless hours of entertainment to us both. Each day we look forward to spending a couple of hours playing.
Thanks for all you do!!!

Joe says:

I have been playing Kingscribbage which is a cross between scrabble and Cribbage... online since its first Debut in march of this year.... My girlfriend and I were in a long distance relationship and we logged in every night and played... We had played other games but found Kingscribbage to be a challenging and entertaining game that made every other game we played seem obsolete.... I even remember travelling, stuck at the Airport with a delayed flight where I even played the game online at the Airport.

Forever a Kingscribbage player....

Eric S (schrizo) from Miami says:

KingsCribbageOnline is loads of fun. Here you can challenge all levels of players, from the amateur to the very skilled, that you may not otherwise have a chance to play. The ability to improve your rating and compare stats to other players on the way to the top creates friendly competition. A great community of players.

Darby from Canada says:

Last year while waiting at a sporting event my friend pulled out their King's Cribbage game...I was instantly hooked. This is a fun and challenging game. After buying a few games for Christmas presents I recieved an email saying that KC had gone online. Playing online gives the freedom to play whenever there is spare minute and a great way to meet new friends. Thanks to the creators of a GREAT game.

JP Hanson from Wabasha MN says:

If you want to play a fun and challenging game, play Kings Cribbage online. You can also make some new friends while there. Just tell them Bananabreadman sent you!

The McFamily says:

Kings Cribbage online brings 3 generations of our family together night after night....and we live hundreds of miles apart! Grandma can enjoy a friendly game with her 10 year old granddaughter, while we middle aged siblings duke it out in a more competitive game. Thanks for many hours of FAMILY fun. We are hooked!

Lizzy (LizardBits) from New Hampshire says:

I have been playing Kings Cribbage since I was 12. Now I'm 14.and I have to say that this is the most addicting game ever invented. I have been playing online since it opened up in March and I have made such good friends here. EVERYONE can play. As the programmer once said I'm one of the oldest players online in the sense that I've been playing since it opened, but I'm the youngest player by age. I want to see some more kids my age playing the best game ever!